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released February 14, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Dubbledge Earth, Texas

Our whole universe is conscious and consists of various vibrations
Everything and everybody vibrates with a certain frequency
Every vibration has its sound
Ancient Mystics said "all is vibration"
Ancient Religion said "In the beginning was the word."
Modern Science says creation was a "big bang"
and I say a sexy fat girl on heat is a big bang...lol

Anyway Creation started with sound! Enjoy mine.
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Track Name: L.O.V.E
For your listening pleasure we gonna talk about love....

I really find it hard to talk bout love
You know love for my girl type love
U know love for my mum’s and pops
U know pops is kinda harder 2 love
He weren’t there to raise me love ya know
Course I Love you
Come on u made me love
But you really can’t expect the automatic respect you know
You really gotta earn that love
I know you bound to disagree but that love
Love my family love my friends
Enemies are kinda harder to love
There’s a Thin line between love and hate
Thin line between love and the lust
But the lust can turn into love
And the hate can turn into blood
And the Funeral’s ain’t nothing to love but you stand there trying not to shed tear wid nothing but love
Remember 2pac’s nothin but love
Well make sure you tell the people while they still here
with 2 ears to hear...its love

love the meaning of love
Dictionary definition of love you know
A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from a .....blaahhhhh ... that’s long talk love
Every war in the world was fought over the power of love
Or maybe love of power
Love Zeitgeist the movie love it 4 exposing the cowards
I don’t Love the banks they love the war
So much they funded both sides of the war
With a little more love in they heart they could’ve funded the poor
instead of funding the bombs
They got Love for the Profit but no love for the slum
Love of the ummmm got me making good love 2 my girl
That the passionate love, love the sex love
Don’t get vex love
We can Still stay in touch when your just my X love
But we can get it back together love

I really luv the concept of Love U know,
man and women falling in Love U know,
new born baby in your arms type feeling the love U know,
Help a brother out when he’s down love the fix up bruv love you know
Break bread love you know
But the world ain’t lovely thou
We all know wot people do when they in fall love with the dough U know
Kidnap money love
Peel chain empty the pocket mug money love
Drug money love
Burglary money Fraud hustle pimp money love
Price on your head brown bread dead money love
Dam shame there’s 2 sides to the love
But that’s wot you really gotta love about love
that’s the passion of love
Get you emotional enough to wanna spill blood over the love but look love
When the most high made this world he made love

Now ain’t that really lovely...;0)
Track Name: Trilogy
War zone trilogy
move like world war 1, 2 and 3
Scream of the banshee
take over country - like mcDonalds did
Big ideas like birth of the pyramid
Babylon dick in the dirt they rape mother earth
Pheonix the rebirth flame in the fire
I'm church when I speak in tongues
I'm too hungry to settle for crumbs I'm Dubbledge - Jeziah
Nyabinghi with a baldhead I'm that Dread
Walk 6 ft above the dead, I'm life
I'm like reading the bible to find out truth bout 18 missing years of Christ
Mystery is how did he get that nice
Answers you don't find in the lines
And then they find the Dead sea scrolls reveal it
The Vatican will come along and they start concealling it
And I......Search for Truth

Back to Trilogy
Speak the unspoken speech on the melody
Better be Betting on Pedigree
Bet I do it Better Be
Aware of the enemy
Nikola Tesla invented free energy
Corporate industry weren't having that though
Yagetme thou, aint no dough in a freebie
So don't ask me for no free CD
But ask politely you just might get it cheaply
Yer I wanna see the hungry fed
I'm old skool like an Olmec head
Take a look at the stars I'm out there like that Planet X
They talk about in the Sumerian text...Cuneiform
I wear the uniform of the ancient 1st born in the game of life
I speak once but you hear me Twice, twice
Coz I echo through your soul like good advice
And I...Search for Truth

End of the trilogy
Good over badman ah bang on da tyranny
Bang bang da killing spree
Bang bang hysterically
But think about it logically
Who’s the ones making the Gun’s them?
The customer?
Nah mate….The Hustler?
Nah mate...The Smuggler?
Nah it’s the government, I blame the Government
I’m anti-establishment but wot the heck
At least they giving man a Giro check YEP YEP YEP!
Yerrr Is wot is it ain’t wot it was just because times change
Wizard of oz scarecrows got no brains
Tin men ain’t got no heart
All you Lions need to play your part
Courage up no wrong from right, right from left
Or get left behind
Behind the mind of mankind lies something deeper
I’m just trying ah knowledge your Ether
Track Name: Awkward Silence
Its ignorant
Thats the aggy the arrogant, the dominant
when I'm wrong I'm right - dun the argument
I'm not the militant, I'm the intelligent that spit the relevant
I don't just rap for the sake of it
The bull$hits the bull$hit, the $hits $hit
The ain't taking it
The mother never raised no idiot
Don't be the Idiot!
Furthermore the way the daddy would have said it, it was more like eediat
Half that, thats the Half eediat feminine thats the sheediat
thats the disrespectful
The respect is earned, the knowledge is learned
the used to bareback em but the pi$$ got burned
Now I wear the condom coz the thoughts concerned
until they pop and I'm all concerned!
Awkward Silence

Edgey is the mental patient ancient agent
Dressed up Dolce fragrance
Up to the time and blatant
slap fat girls on the ar$e and make waves…make waves
The the Dubble is the mental patient, Ancient agent
Dressed up Dolce fragrance
Up to the time and blatant
slap fat girls on the ar$e and make waves…make waves

Its the top of the food chain rap
that get you nodding your neck back
the government 1 bed flat
I got the loan that I can't pay back
infact got the loan that I won't pay back, F that
The Pig fat 2 veg,
Dubbledge the pork free
Mahatma Ghandi peace on the MC
Wanna a piece of me, my day to day
the way I stay
All the stress and the pain the refuse to display
I'm on one officially
Unofficially I'm a smile through the misery
Until the pain get lost like black history
My bredrin lost his life but left memory
Until we meet again I move heavenly
come chat to me in my dreams I feel energy
When we put that body in grave I felt empty
Right now I'm plotting REVENGE!

Edgey is the mental patient ancient agent
Dressed up Dolce fragrance
Up to the time and blatant
slap fat girls on the ar$e and make waves…make waves
The the Dubble is the mental patient, Ancient agent
Dressed up Dolce fragrance
Up to the time and blatant
slap fat girls on the ar$e and make waves…make waves

Its the negative
Turnt into the focused the positive
The Bobby Brown glory days, My prerogative
Is spit the honesty
The grown man philosophy
God, Business and Women
in that exact same order of priority you follow me
Take my quote shove it down your throat and don't choke on the honesty
Sorry for the bull$hit they feed you
but if I said what I really think, they'd say I'm evil
And I ain't evil at all bro, but I know
the truth is something they don't think you need to know
and I aint saying that I know the truth
but I know the royal bloodline connected to Tony and Bush
So don't think the elections aint fixed
coz they keep it in the family like blue blood relationships
ain't that some $hit
I spit like I'm better then you
Getting stronger like the strains of Flu!
Awkward Silence!