One Inch Punch

by Dubbledge

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"Thank God for Dubbledge….. the lines just tumble out of him; everyday scenarios pitched in real lives, delivered with killing humour "Touch Magazine


released December 12, 2009

Features Kyza ,TB, Jade T and Selesha



all rights reserved


Dubbledge Earth, Texas

Our whole universe is conscious and consists of various vibrations
Everything and everybody vibrates with a certain frequency
Every vibration has its sound
Ancient Mystics said "all is vibration"
Ancient Religion said "In the beginning was the word."
Modern Science says creation was a "big bang"
and I say a sexy fat girl on heat is a big

Anyway Creation started with sound! Enjoy mine.
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Track Name: Cant Stop Da Prophet
2 Formidable
been over 2000 years the worlds overdue some new miracles
performed the ritual
sat with the son of a priest
who was the son of a slave
who was the son a king with bloodties to atlantis at the pinacle
Spoke minimal but in the spirit he was digital
Said he had connections to aboriginal
tribes who peirced the metaphysical with the
Dude pulled out a crystal
Shaped in the form of a skull that looked majestical
Said he had the blueprint for man
in the palm of his hand
they once used it to transform neandatiles
and if he really wanted he could turn my brain vegetable
balls! you ain't got the bollox to test my testicals
so keep it focused on the spiritual
coz man will super sian power up and mizerk your physical

Said he like the lack of fear in me
coz fear is the control they use to stop you growing spirtually
Thats the enemy
its all part of the conspiracy
told me to close my eyes and think emptily
tried but the images of halle berry naked kept on messing with my frequency
he must of read my mind coz he was grinning while he lectured me
on how to clear the mind state and vibrate
the ether on the level they expect of me
They expect of me?
who on earth are they?
He pointed at the skull and said they aint from earth...anyway
talk for another day
alien DNA
right now shut ya mouth and follow what I say
Aint following nuthin till you explain ok
mother never raise no sheep I'm like a shepard mate
he rolled his eyes
gave the look of the wise
then spoke some esoteric deep Sh**
that humbled my mind

Started telling me about the planet mysteries
said the teachers lied to me through ignorance
he definitly teach me differently
said he really need me to see
the way that mother earth was crying out to reconnect with me
reconnect with me?
alright thats cool with me
but I ain't on no hippy sh**
so don't expect me hugging trees
*Negro Please*
Best respect and admire the mother earth Gia
before she bun a fire
See we can spread love to father up above
but don't forget about the mother earth
because the balance messed up
Focused on the heaven but forgot about the earth
want your soul to reach the father best respect the mother 1st
The way we living now is cursed
Pollution and the rest its getting worse
and even if its to late to press reverse
we can minimise the damage
if we spread some love 1st... to mother earth