Making of a Slave aka Willie Lynch

by Dubbledge

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    Taken from the forthcoming Dubbledge vs The Boondocks album this download includes the actual 'Willie Lynch letter' in PDF format written in 1712. Some say its fact some say fiction ... You decide, but either way the psychological technology and the evil genius of its insights is amazing.
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Willie Lynch, a slave-owner living in the West Indies, produced a handbook explaining the process used to break the minds, bodies, and spirits of Black people
during slavery.
Lynch's systematic "seasoning" methods, explained in the text of "Making of a slave," copiously details the seasoning process for enslaved Africans and their future
generations. The language in this handbook directly reflects the tone of the author.
The audience of the handbook viewed Black people not as human beings, but as property (goods) and a primary element in their successful long range economic plan.


released October 10, 2011

Taken from the forthcoming 'Dubbledge vs The Boondocks' mixcd



all rights reserved


Dubbledge Earth, Texas

Our whole universe is conscious and consists of various vibrations
Everything and everybody vibrates with a certain frequency
Every vibration has its sound
Ancient Mystics said "all is vibration"
Ancient Religion said "In the beginning was the word."
Modern Science says creation was a "big bang"
and I say a sexy fat girl on heat is a big

Anyway Creation started with sound! Enjoy mine.
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Track Name: Making of a Slave aka Willie Lynch
Making of a slave a.k.a Willie Lynch
Dubbledge produded by Metabeats


I got this big old house living larger then ever
Bought some slaves at the auction
work hard they better
Coz I got this leather
wire laced bullwhip
I’ll tie em to the tree and I’ll beat that nigha
Best call me master
Best call me sir
I Shipped them in from Africa
And I’ll even use the bible as part of my plan
I’ll teach them that they the son of Ham
coz Ham had a son that was cursed to be a slave
And serve his brothers for the rest of his days
Make you my slave you don’t like it…Oh well!
A white mans heaven is a black mans hell
I’ll Brainwash them well by changing the scripture
Send them to church make em praise my picture
Coz I’m a put a picture of myself as the saviour
So looking up to me is just a part of they nature
Take away they history
take away they past
Take away they culture
kick em in the arse
Read a book in class made so much sense
Called making of a slave by Willie Lynch
And Will I lynch?
U damn right sonny
And I’ll even kill some children in front of they mummy
Coz that will make they mother wanna protect her seed
And fear will make her raise em to do wot I need
And she’ll breed that thought into future generations
And future generations
will breed the same thoughts into future generations
Slave mentality will soon become just a part of they personality
And that mentality will get passed along
So they’ll keep supressing eachother when I’m gone
And that will carry on till the end of days
So I can sit back while the slaves
make the slaves
make the slaves
that make you the slave